About Tabl

The world’s most adaptable table leg 

Tabl is a minimalist table leg that allows you to convert any flat surface into an instant table. Its modular, sturdy design makes it amazingly versatile and adaptable. Made from beautiful, authentic raw materials, Tabl will allow you to create timeless furniture pieces that adapt to your changing needs.


I created Tabl out of necessity – I live in New York, and I have moved around a lot times in the last few years. Cheap, flat-pack furniture never lasts and can’t be adapted to a new setting. Investing in high quality furniture doesn’t make sense either, because it becomes restrictive. Tabl can travel with me, allowing me to up-cycle reclaimed table tops for each new location. The resulting tables are individual, beautiful, and functional.

It’s a new take on a great concept: BYO flat surface and attach the Tabl legs and in minutes you have your new, custom piece of furniture. It's super easy and fast for anyone to assemble - no skill required. Place your table top on the floor, slide in the legs, tighten the three bolts per leg with the included Allen key to fasten the most rigid clamp ever on a modular table leg. Stand it up.. That’s it.



Tabl gives you design flexibility – you’re not limited to a rectangle with 4 legs. Our system can work as a set of 3 or 4, or you can get creative and add additional single legs to your order - say if you need a super long table.



Tabl is super sturdy. I designed a unique clamp mechanism that is precisely CNC machined from a solid piece of metal, giving you an incredibly rigid connection. The three adjustment screws spread the load of the clamp, and account for any imperfection or misalignment. This clamp will never come loose or wobbly, and it's resistant to tampering.


Modular & Repairable

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And in case you need to increase or decrease the height of your table in the future, the design is modular - allowing you to swap out the wooden portion of the leg for a different height, rather than having to buy a whole new set. Our online store will stock three different sized lower sections that set the table top at: 420mm (coffee table height), 740mm (dining table & desk height) and 900mm (kitchen counter height, coming soon), all at a fraction of the price of a complete set. And if you somehow damage the leg, say.. while moving house, it’s totally repairable! A full suite of spare parts will be on offer to get you back up in running in no time.


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The clamp accepts a wide range of table top thicknesses - between 19 mm (3/4”) and 45mm (1 ¾”). You can use solid wood or plywood, laminate, stone, metal or, basically anything flat, to create a look that compliments your home. With a weight capacity of up to 60kg (140 Lbs) there are a whole range of materials that will work. You probably already have something that will make a beautiful table with the addition of these legs. If not, read down in the description, we’ll give you a few ideas of where to grab an excellent surface.



I designed Tabl legs with cleanliness in mind. The outside profile of the leg is seamless, with no joins or indentations around the clamp area and only one seam where the brass and wood meet. The fit between the clamp and the table top is super precise, and the brass surface can be easily wiped clean.


It goes without saying that Tabl is just as easy to pack up as it is to assemble, which makes moving house that bit easier. No more concerns about how to get your table through a doorway, or up the stairs.

Design Guidelines

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In general, the stiffness of your table top will impact the stability of the table. If in doubt, lean toward more solid or thicker materials for best results. For wood, plywood or laminate surfaces, we recommend a maximum diagonal dimension of 1800mm (70”) and a maximum cantilever of 300mm (12”). For brittle materials like stone, we recommend a smaller diagonal dimension of 850mm (24”), and the cantilever 200mm (8”). Use a stronger stone like Granite, and beware of anything that has signs of cracking. Stone can be reinforced by bonding it to a substrate like plywood - consult your local millworker, joiner or cabinet maker if you would like to use large stone slabs as a table top. This and more will be explained in detail on our online support page.


The brass clamp is intentionally left raw. As it ages, brass develops a layer of oxide on its surface. When brand new, the metal is bright yellow, but over time it darkens to a deep green/gold. Like copper cookware, fingerprints and spills will accelerate this process and cause initial discoloration, but will eventually even out. Because the clamp is solid brass, you can use a regular metal polish to bring it back to its original luster. The wooden parts are sealed and finished with a natural furniture wax. This finish is durable and water resistant, but can easily be repaired or re-coated without paint or paintbrushes. A decent furniture wax from your hardware store, applied with a cloth, will bring your Tabl leg back to its original finish.


Finding Materials

There are a number of places you could find a great table top - you may even have something already that will work. Try these ideas:

  • Architectural re-use centers - these businesses salvage materials from demolition sites, you can often find a good selection of table and bench tops for great prices. They may require some TLC on delivery.
  • Online auctions and classifieds - try searching ‘solid wood table top’ on Ebay.
  • Businesses that sell plywood or other sheet materials will often provide a cutting service, so you can measure up your space and get a table that is the exact size you need.
  • IKEA sells a range of pre-made kitchen counter tops in laminated wood and other materials. Tabl is compatible.

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